3 Myths About Certified Nursing Assistants

3 Myths About Certified Nursing Assistants

How well do you know the people working in the healthcare industry? Do you know their specific jobs or do you get the time to know what they really do? For most of us, we do not really try to examine our caregivers as long as we get the services.

Today, on the blog, we will debunk some of the common myths about certified nursing assistants. With our programs for home health care in Dover, Delaware, we do not just aim to serve but to educate everyone to understand the nature of home health care.

  • CNAs only do minimal work

    Because the CNAs do not really get the job of a nurse, they tend to be stereotyped as those who get the easy job. They do not have an important so much like that of a certified nurse. However, this is a notion that is completely misunderstood. The job of a certified nursing assistant is just as important as the other staff in the healthcare industry. The main goal of a certified nursing assistant is to serve the patients. After a surgery, when a patient is discharged from the hospital, a nursing assistant can attend to the patient’s medical needs.

  • When you do not become a registered nurse, you become a Certified Nursing Assistant

    Another myth about CNAs is that it is an option for people who did not become a nurse. None of this is true. In fact, if you take more units and training certifications, you can still become a nurse even if you are already a certified nursing assistant. Moreover, you cannot be a CNA if you have not undergone training. It takes weeks of training and practical examinations before one can get the certificate. CNAs are also more inclined to do the medical aspect of caregiving rather than just providing basic personal care.

  • Certified Nursing Assistants do the “dirty” work

    This is a myth in all aspects. CNAs do not just clean the waste of the patient or dress their wounds. They do an all-around job when it comes to caregiving. They can provide bathing, dressing, bathroom assistance, and even conducting an observation of the patient’s condition. In fact, the task of a CNA is vital to home care. In cases where there are no nurses or caregivers available, they can take their place and provide the same quality of health care for the patient. Our Certified Nursing Assistant in Delaware, At Home Care Agency, are trained to be flexible to the needs of the patients. You can count on us in case you need a hand in home care.

Are you interested more in the job of a certified nursing assistant? Do you think you have a place in the healthcare industry? You can join our team of professional caregivers and let us work together to help save and preserve more lives.

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