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Dehydration: 5 Things You Need to Know

When your body loses a sufficient amount of water, you can be dehydrated. Dehydration is a risky occurrence for kids and seniors as their body may not be able to handle the consequences. Dehydration can range from mild to moderate, and even severe. This all depends on how much amount of fluid has been lost … Continue reading

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Fall Hazards: Here’s How You Can Avoid Them

A lot of people don’t think that slipping on the floor and falling face down is that dangerous. Well, if you have amazing reflexes, then maybe. But for the average human being, a fall could put you at risk for a sprain or a broken nose. Seniors even have it worse. Why? This is because … Continue reading

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Hair Care: What Food Options Are Healthy for the Hair?

To most people, their hair is their crowning glory. But in our experience of providing home health care in Dover, Delaware, a person’s hair is evidence of their thriving health. An unkempt hair can signal depression or other emotional troubles while a healthy growing mane shows off a properly groomed persona. At At Home Care … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

At an advanced age, it is very important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. This is due to the reason that your health will diminish over time as you get older. This can lead to numerous health problems if left unchecked. Our home health care in Dover, Delaware can also help you make the … Continue reading

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3 Myths About Certified Nursing Assistants

How well do you know the people working in the healthcare industry? Do you know their specific jobs or do you get the time to know what they really do? For most of us, we do not really try to examine our caregivers as long as we get the services. Today, on the blog, we … Continue reading

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What Can You Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia are serious health conditions that affect the mind and memory. With these illnesses, you will not only lose memories but you may even forget how to perform important bodily functions. This is why these conditions are so dangerous. However, it is possible to prevent them through some simple methods … Continue reading

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